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What is WalletICE?

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WalletICE is all about being prepared in case of emergency.  The product folds to the size of a business card and it contains information on who to contact In Case of Emergency.  It also contains information on allergies, along with a list of your current medications and dosages.  In addition you will find a category titled living wishes.  Living wishes indicates what you would like to happen to Read More→

In Case of Emergency, if you are driving on the highway, or are pulled over by an unmarked car with lights and sirens, you don’t need to wonder if it is really a State trooper,Police Officer, or a CREEP.  You should drive to a busy area like a gas station or police station.  You can check and see if indeed there is a trooper in your area, who might be pulling vehicles over.   Be safe, dial *112 which is a direct link to State trooper info.

On another note if you are being pulled over because of reckless driving, and perhaps it is an emergency situation, like a medication issue, you might want to have WalletICE TM, in your pocket.  WalletICE TM, Can Save Your Life, In Case of Emergency.  It contains data you input to keep you safe.  Often times people forget the names and dosage of medications they are taking.   A bad reaction to medication can have a quicker diagnosis if the Doctors know what they are looking for.  WalletICE TM, contains places for you to fill in your name, who to contact in case of emergency, medications you are taking with dosages, allergies you may have, hospitalizations, living wishes indicating where you may have a health care proxy on file, and so much more.  It is free to the public just follow this link and you will be able to print a copy.  WalletICE