In Case of Emergency New York announce PLAN Alert


In Case of Emergency Plan Alert Can Save Your Life.  PLAN the National Emergency Alert System will be released here in New York by the end of 2011.  The acronym PLAN stands for Personalized Local Alert Network.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg has unveiled the first in our Nation Public Safety Notification System.  This system will be used in case of emergency, and will allow for phones enabled to receive PLAN Alerts to receive notification of a disaster and or terrorist attacks.   In Case of Emergency when seconds are precious the PLAN Alerts system Can Save Your Life.

The PLAN Alert system is supposed to be able to work even when lines are overloaded as was experienced during the 9-11 attacks.  The PLAN Alert System will go into effect in New York 6 months prior to any other place in our Nation.

PLAN Alert News Release Word Doc

PLAN Alert News Release PDF

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