NY In Case of Emergency Are You Prepared


New York In Case of Emergency are you prepared.  If we had a flood emergency what is your plan?  It could also be mass fire, an earthquake etc., the point is are you ready in case of emergency.  You should have an emergency go bag ready.  Don’t forget when an emergency occurs you may not have time to pack a bag.  In case of emergency are you ready to go.  Do you have a list of your medications, who to contact in an emergency, what your insurance policy contact and policy numbers are.  In case of emergency do you have a 3 day supply of water and food?  Do you have cash in small bills?

The real question here is what are you waiting for if you have not planned for an emergency.   In case of emergency you should have WalletICE TM in your wallet.  WalletICE TM has space provided for emergency contact.  The name and dosages for your medications, a list of allergies, hospitalizations and living wishes.  You shouldn’t be without WalletICE TM In Case of Emergency It Can Save Your Life and you can get a copy free to the public.  Just sign up here.  Subscribe at the top or the right or left column.

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