What is WalletICE?


WalletICE is all about being prepared in case of emergency.  The product folds to the size of a business card and it contains information on who to contact In Case of Emergency.  It also contains information on allergies, along with a list of your current medications and dosages.  In addition you will find a category titled living wishes.  Living wishes indicates what you would like to happen to you in case of emergency, with a space for you to indicate where you might have a health care proxy on file.
This information is extremely important in case of emergency especially when folks are unconscious or perhaps they are suffering from dementia. As we age people become more susceptible to slips and falls.  Car accidents can leave you unconscious or disoriented. When minutes matter WalletICE TM, In Case of Emergency, Can Save Your Life!
By the way according to the US Department of Health 2 out of 5 people need the services of an emergency room in a 12 month period.

These cards are distributed free to the consumer at some Diners, Senior Centers, Churches, etc.  If you belong to a Not for Profit organization whose members would benefit from WalletICE, just give us a call and we will make sure to send them a supply, free of charge.    These cards are sponsored by businesses and individuals, who see the benefit this product provides to our communities.  Just give us a call at 718-968-5242, if you would like to find out more about how this program works, thank you.

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