In Case of Emergency in Japan Philippine Embassy speaks


This is a terrible disaster and even when you think you are prepared for an emergency, sometimes we are not.  My thoughts and prays are with the folks in Japan and their love ones.  This is such a horrific tragedy, and the worst possible natural disaster to have ever occurred.

Embassy taps help of Pinoy groups in Japan.

MANILA, Philippines – The Philippine Embassy in Japan has tapped the help of Filipino community organizations to provide information on any Filipino affected by the massive 8.9 magnitude earthquake.

Likewise, the embassy encouraged Filipinos to take the necessary precaution and closely monitor the news.

Filipinos are also urged to immediately proceed to the nearest fire station or city hall in their area to receive instructions and assistance in case of emergency.

On Friday, Philippine Ambassador to Japan Manuel Lopez said no Filipino has been confirmed dead.

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said read more

WalletICE TM, ICE In Case of Emergency is so important.  In Case of Emergency you should have a list of your medications and conditions on you.  For aid to help you in such a disaster time is truly of the essence.


  1. javate,anita serrano says:

    i am a resident in tokyo mitaka shi,with me here are my kids i am worried about the situation here in japan .i am thinking of returning home but my youngest daughter havent got a passport yet and i havent even registered her birth i only have her alien registration and the visa issued at her what would i do if in case situation worsen ? will she be able to acquire a special document so she can come back with us ?

  2. Annette Fisher says:

    I’m not quite sure, however I would start by getting in touch with both the Japanese and American Embassies.

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