In Case of Emergency Water Shortage


In Case of Emergency, what would you do if our water was contaminated?  Do you have enough water on hand to survive in case of emergency?

Global Water Shortage Looms In New Century

When most U.S. citizens think about water shortages — if they think about them at all — they think about a local problem, possibly in their town or city, maybe their state or region. We don’t usually regard such problems as particularly worrisome, sharing confidence that the situation will be readily handled by investment in infrastructure, conservation, or other management strategies. Whatever water feuds arise, e.g., between Arizona and California, we expect to be resolved through negotiations or in the courtroom.

But shift from a local to a global water perspective, and the terms dramatically change. The World Bank reports that 80 countries now have water shortages that threaten health and economies while 40 percent of the world — more than 2 billion people.  In case of emergency water shortage is a big deal.  Make sure to sign up for your copy of WalletICE TM.   click here for the balance of this article


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