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This is a terrible disaster and even when you think you are prepared for an emergency, sometimes we are not.  My thoughts and prays are with the folks in Japan and their love ones.  This is such a horrific tragedy, and the worst possible natural disaster to have ever occurred.

Embassy taps help of Pinoy groups in Japan.

MANILA, Philippines – The Philippine Embassy in Japan has tapped the help of Filipino community organizations to provide information on any Filipino affected by the massive 8.9 magnitude earthquake.

Likewise, the embassy encouraged Filipinos to take the necessary precaution and closely monitor the news.

Filipinos are also urged to immediately proceed to the nearest fire station or city hall in their area to receive instructions and assistance in case of emergency.

On Friday, Philippine Ambassador to Japan Manuel Lopez said no Filipino has been confirmed dead.

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said read more

WalletICE TM, ICE In Case of Emergency is so important.  In Case of Emergency you should have a list of your medications and conditions on you.  For aid to help you in such a disaster time is truly of the essence.

In Case of Emergency it’s up to each and everyone of us to keep our eyes and ears open.

If you see something, take the time to notify the proper authorities.  NY is a place with so many people.  Yet we live in a relatively calm place.  Let’s all try to keep it that way.  In Case of Emergency call someone and do what you can to help. NY has been my home since birth and no terrorist is going to take it from me.   I hope you feel the same way.

Report Terrorist ActivityReport any terrorist related activity by calling:

Throughout New York State:
In New York City:
In Case of Emergency:

In addition it would be a good idea to have WalletICE TM in your pocket just In Case of Emergency.

To Life, be well

In Case of Emergency can a Roth IRA help you?

I came across an article on Roth IRAs and thought what a great In Case of Emergency backup plan.  According to the information I was reading this is a way to tap into the initial funds you deposit in a Roth IRA without a penalty, and use them as  emergency funds.  In Case of Emergency, if you pull money from many other type of investment you may be subject to penalties.  So ask your accountant or financial planner if this is a good backup plan for you, In Case of Emergency.  You should also try to have emergency funds that are separate from a Roth IRA.  Here is the link to the article that will hopefully help you improve on your emergency funds, written by Chris Farrell, “Roth, the emergency-emergency fund”

To Life, Be Well


What is WalletICE?

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WalletICE is all about being prepared in case of emergency.  The product folds to the size of a business card and it contains information on who to contact In Case of Emergency.  It also contains information on allergies, along with a list of your current medications and dosages.  In addition you will find a category titled living wishes.  Living wishes indicates what you would like to happen to Read More→

In Case of Emergency, what would you do if our water was contaminated?  Do you have enough water on hand to survive in case of emergency?

Global Water Shortage Looms In New Century

When most U.S. citizens think about water shortages — if they think about them at all — they think about a local problem, possibly in their town or city, maybe their state or region. We don’t usually regard such problems as particularly worrisome, sharing confidence that the situation will be readily handled by investment in infrastructure, conservation, or other management strategies. Whatever water feuds arise, e.g., between Arizona and California, we expect to be resolved through negotiations or in the courtroom.

But shift from a local to a global water perspective, and the terms dramatically change. The World Bank reports that 80 countries now have water shortages that threaten health and economies while 40 percent of the world — more than 2 billion people.  In case of emergency water shortage is a big deal.  Make sure to sign up for your copy of WalletICE TM.   click here for the balance of this article

In Case of Emergency, if you are driving on the highway, or are pulled over by an unmarked car with lights and sirens, you don’t need to wonder if it is really a State trooper,Police Officer, or a CREEP.  You should drive to a busy area like a gas station or police station.  You can check and see if indeed there is a trooper in your area, who might be pulling vehicles over.   Be safe, dial *112 which is a direct link to State trooper info.

On another note if you are being pulled over because of reckless driving, and perhaps it is an emergency situation, like a medication issue, you might want to have WalletICE TM, in your pocket.  WalletICE TM, Can Save Your Life, In Case of Emergency.  It contains data you input to keep you safe.  Often times people forget the names and dosage of medications they are taking.   A bad reaction to medication can have a quicker diagnosis if the Doctors know what they are looking for.  WalletICE TM, contains places for you to fill in your name, who to contact in case of emergency, medications you are taking with dosages, allergies you may have, hospitalizations, living wishes indicating where you may have a health care proxy on file, and so much more.  It is free to the public just follow this link and you will be able to print a copy.  WalletICE

In Case of Emergency most of us have had the experience of visiting an emergency room.  O.K., emergency room visits are not a subject many folks like to talk about.  However, In Case of Emergency we need to be prepared.  I created WalletICE TM, to assist medical professionals in gathering your information in one place.  You can click on the link at the top left where it says download a copy.

The amount of emergency room visits is quite surprising.  I certainly did not think the number was so high when I started on this mission 3 years ago.  According to the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services, National Center for Health Statics, 2 in 5 persons under the age of 65 are going to an emergency room in a 12 month period.   In 2007 only 10% of those visits were considered non urgent.  You can find more details by reading the entire article on emergency room visits in 2007.  WalletICE TM, In Case of Emergency, Can Save Your Life!  When following up on what’s is happening with WalletICE TM, be sure to put WalletICE into your search engine.  Most search engines like to seperate this word and automatically think you made an error so they convert the data to wallet ice.  Our product is one word WalletICE, not wallet ice.

I hope WalletICE TM, keeps you well.

Regardless of what state you live in you can get a copy of WalletICE TM, because it is available in all states in the United States.

WalletICE was designed by Annette Fisher, Owner of Golden Maturity.  ICE in your wallet, can save your life.   In Case of Emergency, WalletICE TM, contains the data you have entered regarding your particular situation.  By keeping this in your wallet you are assisting medical professionals, in helping you In Case of Emergency.  ICE, In Case of Emergency should also be a contact listed in your phone.  You can have multiple ICE contacts.  ICE 1, ICE 2, ICE 3.  You get the idea.  Paramedics know to look for this info.  Of course if your phone is password protected it may not be accessible.

Be well